I started the project in 2008, but it was only released in 2009.

The game at first would have a background story where the hero would be sent to other classic games of the 80s and 90s due to a bug or virus in the system.

He would have to defeat the boss of each world to fix the problem before returning to his own game, but he would have more challenges.

For example, in the world of Tetris the boss was going to be the biggest piece of the game, but it created awareness.

The first boss would be a ghost mingled with another Pac-Man far bigger than the hero.

During the game they would also have scenes to illustrate important moments, such as the first meeting with each boss.

But at the time I had to postpone the project because I was without a computer, soon after more modern engines appeared and finally released the film Wreck-It Ralph that had a similar story.


Diagonal movement

Show variable with Pictures (Credits Dr.XGB)

Coordinate collision

Custon Menu

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Made withEasyRPG


Play Game HTML5 (Alternative)


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A demo version It has been 10 years without completing his development. You mention that the game was going to be similar to Wreck-It Ralph, so he enter other games and defeat a virus. If it had sequel, it would be: Pac-Man Eats the Internet.

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Thank you for commenting.
There will be no sequencing, I started to develop games and systems soon.
I remembered that I had this project and I decided to correct some errors and publish without expectation.